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I believe being called a Badass is the ultimate compliment a millennial women can receive. Our generation rejects being judged, critiqued, and ranked based on our physical appearance. We are multifaceted, aspirational, smart, ambitious, embrace our strength, our power, our ability to lead, our desire to support each other, and our intent to have total control of our own lives.  We are not hot, we are not sexy, we are badass.

They say earned success, or something that requires time and effort brings the greatest satisfaction to humans.  Well like most of us, I wasn’t born a badass, nor was I ever called one until pretty recently. People have called me athletic and hardworking and dedicated. But most of those attributes were probably baked into my DNA when I was born. Learning how to become Badass, really Badass, has given me and many women of my generation true empowerment.  There is something about being called a badass that is intoxicating. Something so damn powerful and it REALLY resonates with all of us.

Being a badass woman means you’re strong. And I’m not just talking physically, I’m saying mentally. A badass woman isn’t afraid to pursue what she wants because she KNOWS that she can have anything if she’s willing to put the work in to get it. And she’s certainly not afraid of hard work.

Physically I was always badass, but mentally I was not. I was very weak. I often backed off and quit when times got tough.  I didn’t pursue opportunities unless on day one I had 100% certainty that I wouldn’t fail. I just didn’t trust myself or my capacity to grow.  It wasn’t until my athletic career in college was winding down, and there was a need to find something new did I fall in love with fitness.  Fitness and the process of setting tangible goals taught me to wake up every day and go after what I want, it made me goal-oriented, it taught me independence, and it significantly increased my self-confidence. Most importantly, it taught me not to quit.

Go-getter, goal-oriented, independent, confident. All qualities of a badass woman. All qualities I did not have until the fitness process became a huge part of my life.

I struggled with body image issues severely throughout high school and college. I felt like I was stuck in this huge 6 foot body that I truly hated. I walked into rooms with my head down looking at the floor, embarrassed by my size. That is not a badass. A badass does not hide behind what she is.

A badass woman knows who she is and what she wants. A badass woman can walk into any room with her head held high and owns it. Owns herself.

Really what makes a badass woman has nothing to do with her physicality but more so with the way she carries herself. When a woman carries herself with nothing but pride and self-respect, she is a badass.

A badass woman does not hold herself back. A badass woman is not afraid to go after what she wants. A badass woman does not need approval from others because she is CERTAIN that what she is doing is right for HER.

A badass woman is enthusiastic about her passions, her goals, and her biggest dreams. A badass woman believes she can achieve anything and everything.

A badass woman views a challenge as an opportunity. An opportunity to overcome whatever life throws at her and come out stronger. To come out better than she was before.

A badass woman is on the pursuit to becoming her best self.  She constantly strives for better. For both herself and for those around her. When she steps her game up, she expects those around her to step their game up, too.

And most importantly, the ultimate quality of a badass woman is her ability to uplift and support all of the other badass woman.  She can recognize a fellow badass from miles away, chasing her biggest dreams, just as she is doing. She understands that there is enough room in the world for all of us to be BADASS WOMEN.


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